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The Influence of Music to Our Lives

by admin on November 15, 2011


The influences of music in our lives is of considerable amount because it seems that no man can ever say or admit that he does not like music at all, or at least he does not have a particular song in mind when talking about certain events in his life. Yes, at some point in our crazy lives, we have a song to remember. Aside from experiencing a personal impact from music, there are several people who breathe or live through music.

Other people earn a living with music. Many others still, consider music as their form of relaxation. Different musical instruments can also have a different impact in our lives. It seems that people who love listening to pop music are the more social ones; people who love jazz are the thinkers, while those who love rock music are even labelled as the rebellious ones.


Musical Impact

Aside from the abovementioned impact of music on our emotional and social being, music can also have an influence on our health. As a matter of fact, music also contributes greatly to the neurological adjustments of our brain, which decreases any tendency towards any type of moving deficiency. In certain situations, patients who are suffering from diseases such as Parkinson’s were reported to move only after remembering specific songs from their younger years.

It has been studied that the combination of different rhythms of music induces the fluctuations of pressure on the blood, which also influences our emotions and feelings. We notice this when we listen to slow music, and the same can also be observed when we listen to fast paced music. This speedy rhythm can often make us tense. At the same time, when we base our music on harmony, it can also tire our brain out.


Songs and Experiences

At times, we react to a certain song depending on the state of mind that we have at that certain moment. For instance, if you are so intensely focused on playing Euro Millions lottery, you may be playing intense, fast music in your mind. This goes to say that our mind can create a musical background of its own. This is the same when we are going through a sad experience; it seems that all music that we hear is sad. Indeed, music has a powerful impact in our lives.

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