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Leif Dalan

Leif Dalan

Leif Dalan

Piano Instruction

Known for his versatility and adaptability, Leif Dalan has played in a myriad of musical projects ranging from Senegalese music to classical repertoire.  His rigorous study in the genre of jazz has enabled him to cross into all types of music, using years of ear training and music theory as tools to fully grasp the concepts and subtle yet important differences between different musical disciplines.  You can see Leif in practice regularly with Clinton Fearon and the Boogie Brown Band, the new hip hop sounds of the Visionary Project, and countless other guest appearances throughout the region. He regularly plays at large festivals locally such as Bumbershoot, Folklife, and Georgetown Music Festival and has appeared in national festivals such as American Folk Music Festival (Richmond, VA and Bangor, ME), Sierra Nevada, Reggae on the River, and many, many more.  He has played with and toured with such notables as reggae legend Eek!-a-Mouse, Prezident Brown, The Procussions, The Hypnotics, Lightheaded, Cee-lo Green (of Gnarles Barkley), and countless others.

Leif was born in Seattle, WA.  He expressed early interest in music as a 4 year old taking his first lessons.  Upon recognizing his natural talent for piano, Leif began honing his musical skills in other instruments. He picked up the saxophone, guitar, acoustic bass, and electric bass during his formative years, and by 16 hadachieved 1st chair in Shorewood High School’s Premier Jazz Band for saxophone, all the while moonlighting as the pianist in the Tacoma Youth Symphony.  He knew early on that his life would be dedicated to the craft of being a musical instrumentalist.

Leif Dalan studied Piano Performance and Jazz Studies at the University of Washington under the direction and mentoring of pianist and department head Marc Seales.  He achieved the only seat at the piano bench in the Studio Jazz Ensemble under the direction of North Texas graduate Vern Seilert.  At the age of 16, he attended the internationally acclaimed Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA and was quickly recognized as a young and prodigious talent. He was offered a highly coveted scholarship to their 4-year Jazz Studies program that’s only awarded to two students each year.

Leif’s instructional career began in college both teaching his peers and offering private tutoring, primarily in mathematics and science.  Over the years, he has literally taught thousands of lessons to a full range of age groups.  His unique teaching style appeals to people of all levels of skill and motivation.  He believes in appreciation of all aspects of music from technique to general musicality and voice.  “Ultimately, music exists to enjoy.  I just want to help the student enjoy music more.”

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Robyne Curry August 23, 2010 at 3:56 pm

HI Music Factory: Saw your sandwich board. I’m 56 years old and haven’t touched my French horn in 11 years. But … I’d love to start again. Do you teach French horn? Do you have any groups that could accommodate a very rusty, dusty horn player? Thanks.


Elaine Ethier October 24, 2010 at 7:09 pm

i am 66 yrs old, have neglected my love of music too long. Would love to be composing and singing . I will phone on Monday to see about instruction.


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