Music Lessons at the Music Factory



Private Instruction

Private Classes Run 1/2 hour or 1 full hour. Classes are typically held once or twice a week.

  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Vocal
  • Digital Electronic  Music Production
  • Wind Instrument
  • Stringed Instrument Ukulele, Banjo, Sitar and More
  • Music Theory & Composition
  • Web Based Live Video Lessons, Online Private Lessons, Skype, FaceTime, Google Video

If you wish to inquire about lessons, do so at the lessons page.


  • Rock Ensemble

Already play an instrument? Want to Jam with other people? Classes are available upon request and will be put together based on skill level and style preference. Classes will be designed on a group basis and will include a performance at the end of the course.

  • Jazz Ensemble

Work on your improvisational chops while learning about the history of America’s greatest gifts to the world of music —  Jazz! Our instructors are schooled in Jazz and have years of performance experience under their belts. Lets do this!

  • Composition Ensemble

For those out there that are interested in writing new music, come hang out with one of our instructors and co-write a set of songs in any style and perform it.

  • Group Mentoring

For those who play a little bit (or lot) and want to get together with some friends, or make some new ones, but  just need a place to do it and/or a little bit of a push. Check your fear at the door and come on down. Lets have some fun — that’s what music is all about!

  • Electronic Music Production

Let’s face it, it’s 2010 — you don’t need to play an instrument to become a masterful creator of music. There are a number of key applications out for both Mac and PC. Learn to master the software to create your own musical voice in the digital realm. Learn about how tracks are put together in post production: EQ, Song Form, Digital Editing, Mixing, Mastering, DJing, Cutting Loops, Midi and more!

*We do recommend that you own your own laptop if you choose to study this topic.

If you wish to inquire about any of the ensembles, do so at the ensemble page.

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